Any yogic technique used to systematically address physical injury or pain, or mental and emotional stress or trauma can be considered Yoga Therapy.

What all are the conditions that we can managed through yoga therapy:
  1. Stress, Depression & Anxiety.
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Endocrine disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism, Polycystic ovarian diseases
  4. Autism and ADHD.
  5. Pain management (Back pain, Neck pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain etc)
  6. Insomnia and sleep pattern disorders.
  7. Post -traumatic stress & Rehabilitation after surgery.
Individual Yoga Sessions.

What you may not know is that the whole concept of a Yoga "class" is relatively new as compared to the history of the practice. Private sessions embrace the original format of teaching Yoga with personalized one-on-one instruction.


Yoga for children is a natural way to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen the body-mind-spirit connection. Studies show that yoga is an effective self-help therapy for ADD/ADHD, Autism, and general health and well-being of all children. Enjoy yoga games and songs, breathing techniques, relaxing visualizations, and fun, fun, fun yoga movements for all ages and abilities. Enjoy!


Strengthen family bonds and create togetherness with the yoga practice that's specially designed for the entire family. This class is a great way to introduce your child to the world or yoga with the comfort of mom and dad at their side.  We will explore interactive poses, games, movement, breathing and relaxation.  You will learn partner poses and ways for children and adults to de-stress.  This class is most appropriate for ages 3-9.  However,  younger siblings are welcome and often thrive in this environment. No yoga experience required. Not a regularly scheduled class.

Community Yoga Class 

 This class is instructional in nature and taught by a variety of teachers. Newly certified teachers will have an opportunity to develop their teaching skills and students will experience different teaching styles.

Intro to Yoga 5 week session

 New beginners will learn the basics of yoga in this 5 week session.  In a comfortable environment with other brand new beginners, this session will prepare you to step into a yoga 1 or beginner class.  You will be introduced to breathing techniques, postures, sun salutations and calming relaxation.  This is a great way to begin your yoga journey to a stronger, more flexible body and a calmer, more peaceful mind.  Pre-registration is recommended to guarantee a space.

Pre-natal Yoga 

Pre – natal yoga can be started at the end of the first trimester or at the fourth month of pregnancy. The focus of this prenatal yoga class will be to nurtur both the mom to be and the baby. It is highly beneficial to strengthen and to increase the flexibility of the body and to relieve stress and stay happy always with good mental thoughts.   Breathing techniques which we teach will help to focus the mind and improves concentration level and over all wellness.

Post Natal Yoga

 Original sets of yoga practices, many of which are now main-stream, are uniquely suited to help you regain your core-strength, your figure and overall fitness after birth by restoring tone to the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower back. 'Steps to postnatal recovery' can be started at any time after birth.

SMET (Self Management of Excessive Tension)

Learn to manage your Stress by attending Self-Management of Excessive Tension (SMET). You can get rid of sleepless nights and endless thoughts by practicing Cyclic Meditation.

Cyclic Meditation is a simple and effective technique to relieve stress and induce deep sleep and relaxation. It is based on the principle of stimulation and relaxation. There are proven results that, CM can reduce the number of hours needed in order to feel rejuvenated.

Benefits of SMET:

  1. Deep Rest induced in 30 minutes
  2. More than six hours of good sleep
  3. Reduced number of hours needed for sleep
  4. Improved efficiency
  5. Improved effective time management
  6. Reduced absenteeism and hospital admission
Shatkarma (Detox Yoga)

The Shatkarmas are the six purification techniques mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Shatkarma  makes the body clean, strong, free of diseases. It removes toxins and improves concentration. It improves the flow of prana into the organs.

The six techniques are DhautiBasti, NetiTratakaNauli and Kapalbhati. Some of the techniques have more than one variation. 

 Level 1
  1. Breathing & movements with full mind awareness.
  2. Improving lung capacity.
  3. Flexibility & Body tuning.
  4. Detox
Level 2
  1. Structural maintenance and correction.
  2. Sustainable (Asana sthithi) postures.
  3. Jagrat- Sushupti.
  4. Shat kriyas & Pranayama – advance.
  5. Philosophy of yoga- theory.
Special Packages
  1. Harmony yoga for family wellness.
  2. Office yoga for releasing stress and improve charisma.
  3. ’’Yoga the power of creation’’- for children and youths.
  4. ‘’Brain sparks’’-Yogic games with meditation for school going children.
  5. ’’Good Day Yoga’’ for special need children.
  6. SMET( Self management of excessive tension).
  7. Trataka (Visual meditation)


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