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ayurvedic cooking

Nutritious food is a celebration of life, capable of enlivening your vitality and engaging all your senses. Unfortunately, due to the hectic pace of modern life, eating is more of a hassle and used more to refuel rather than a means to celebrate. And the faster the better!  We seem to have lost our way with food. We don’t know what to eat anymore. With foods being glorified one week and demonized the next, it’s no wonder there is now so much anxiety around food. We can walk into a grocery store a have our pick of any kind of food we want at any time of year. We can get watermelon in the middle of winter! It has gotten complicated and confusing. Ayurveda teaches us that the food we eat carries the wisdom of the earth, the intelligence of the farmer, and the love of the cook. Every nourishing meal is a celebration of the seasons, cycles, and rhythms of nature. Lovingly prepared food renews, revitalizes, and can heal, and nurture your body, your mind, and your spirit.  Food is God. It is literally creating you!


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